Sunday, December 2, 2012

My shooting experience with the XE1

Before i start, i must clarify that whatever comment i made here is a pure opinion and appreciation of mine...the pictures may not be as appealing and attractive to you...just like how i feel when i look at the pictures from a GXR.

I didnt name the blog title "field test" because i didnt and i don't want to do a test shooting. So its not really a test and not really for comparison..its just sharing my shooting experience and my pictures.

So here it goes, i only had the Fuji M mount adapter from dacteo who unselfishly lend me his only adapter.

Today was really a day to try out manual focusing on this camera.
I need to know if i can survive with just manual focusing on this camera...

The Fuji adapter was very well made and i didnt know that it was made compatible to the camera sensor.(Okay i admit im a little ignorance here) So there was this moment of "Woww" when Fei showed me the option to select the lens type and the barrel distortion setting.

Here's my Buddy, Phil who got lucky today to test a XE1 and the 18mm lens which is from a fellow XE1 user, Ann (hopefully i got her name correct). He has been doing quite a few test since a few days ago and finally at the end of today, he joined the Fuji XE1 club..:) 
DSCF0418 canon 35mm f2

Well, Phil and me decided to just be a tourist for one day and do our usual walk at MBS.

Something i like about Fuji is that very little editing is required. I did some cropping, vignetting, exposure and slight WB adjustment.

CV 25mm f4 

Apparently i am too used to shooting the CV 25mm lens on a 35mm film format, putting it on a crop body somehow didnt become a snapshot anymore..even at F8, given a 37.5mm equivalent you could still mis-focus.
The subject is so tiny that even the 10x manify didnt really work well...
DSCF0444 cv 25mm f4

Canon 35mm f2

This lens became a 52mm lens and the above picture of Phil was taken with it as well...
This vintage lens has a little softness and glow here...
DSCF0445 canon 35mm f2

The colors came out faded as well...definitely not an ideal lens on the XE1 for landscape..
DSCF0448 canon 35mm f2

CV 75mm f2.5

Given that it would turn the focal length to 110mm, I was skeptical about using this lens on my camera initially.
I was somehow wrong..and it turned out to be the best lens i have used today, every single shot just need a rough 2-3secs to focus.
DSCF0454 cv 75mm

In case you are interested to know, till this point in time, i was using the film mode of "Std".
The following rest if i remember correctly was mostly on "Astia (Soft)"
DSCF0459 cv 75mm

DSCF0460 cv 75mm

Haha...its funny to see what people do in tourist attraction places. She is filming a low cost production MTV...Can hear some music played from a player.
DSCF0476 cv 75mm

The smiles and expressions on tourist are always captivating..thats why i love street-shoots.
DSCF0480 cv 75mm

DSCF0484 cv 75mm

DSCF0489 cv 75mm

DSCF0507 cv 75mm

This shot is interesting i feel...different nationality and race and all 5 of them look annoyed.
Regardless of nationality and race...

Of course, at MBS, as a tourist how can you end the shooting session without taking the famous MBS landscape shot.
 I don't have a wide angle lens here but i have the panorama function that this camera catered for.
Its pretty easy to use as all you need to do is to follow the In-built guidance yellow line as you pan and the stitching will be done by the camera function.

Okay i know sony has this pano function as well and so do many camera...but i am still impressed with this function...and leave the distortion and imperfection of the picture below (its shot handheld and for goodness sake, the land isnt straight in the first place), its pretty decent isnt it?

Panorama of MBS

Well, the 3hr session ended nicely with the battery went totally flat. I started the session with at least 2/3 of the power and it seems true that a mirrorless camera drain battery faster than a DSLR because of the EVF and Live-view. Its always good to bring a spare battery with you.

P.S Something to share, the camera wasnt without flaws, there was a point when i had iso 1600 on and when the  shutter speed of 1/4000 cant handle the exposure, the evf did not show the over exposure. Not until when the picture was taken....

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