Thursday, July 26, 2012


The best thing about film is...You get the kind of mood,the feel and texture and many more that you just cant achieve with a digital image..

Lights contain

R2A, Ultron 35mm f1.7
Colorplus 200

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Cozy Rainy day

I envy cats sometimes,they seems able to curl up and find coziness everywhere..
A cozy rainy morning

When the rain finally stop

Colorplus 200,Bessa R2A
Canon 50mm f1.5 ltm (1st pic),
Nokton 50mm f1.5 ltm (2nd pic)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The famous Chulia Street Pork Rice

This is one famous Pork rice seller in Penang.. Located at Chulia street, i believe the seller uses the most authentic method in preparing the food..

colorplus  (25)

colorplus  (24)

colorplus  (23)

Something interesting, the owner prepare the food at home and transport them via motorcyle to the shop everyday. Talking about hygiene, i guess we can always close our eyes when its comes to delicacy. colorplus  (21)

colorplus  (20)

Bessa R2A, Nokton 50mm f1.5
Colorplus 200

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Bumble Bee - Lucas

The little bumble bee....its really hard to do portrait for him even more so on a MF, i missed the focus in a few of the pics.

Colorplus 1 (4) 80mm

Colorplus 1 80mm

Colorplus 1 (3) 80mm

Colorplus 1 (2) 80mm

Colorplus 1 (5)

Colorplus 1 (8) 80mm

Bronica SQ-Ai,  80mm PS 
Kodak colorplus 200

Finally, the next BIG Camera outing

After a hectic week of work and finally a day without rain, i finally get to meet up with the guys for a street photography session.

Sky was blue and lighting was good today.
Colorplus 1 (3) 40mm

Colorplus 1 (5) 40mm

My favorite Picture of the day
Colorplus 1 (4) 40mm

Couldnt resist to capture more pictures of the charismatic foreman and hardworking labour.
Shots from my R2A and canon 50mm f1.8
colorplus  (3)

colorplus  (2)

Colorplus 1 (6) 40mm

Julian, the youngest LF shooter in the group
Colorplus 1 (2) 40mm

Finally a group picture!
Colorplus 1 40mm

Bronica SQ-Ai, 40mm & 80mm PS
Kodak colorplus 200

Monday, July 16, 2012


Kyoto is really beautiful, so much so it makes me re look at the pictures i took there. There are still so many undiscovered place on this beautiful country.
Missing the streets

Missing the autumn leaves IMG_6836

Missing the gentle crowds IMG_6909

Missing the theme



And this is definitely going back again!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Panorama on 135mm film

It took me almost 3 hours to figure how to use my Bronica new 135W back..and the funny part was actually the batteries in my camera is weak.
Well at least it didnt take a whole day, all thanks to my experience as a Bessa user.
So here's my first successful roll of 135mm film off the Bronica SQ-Ai system.

Was it just me(my hallucination), or do you think the quality off a medium format lens makes the picture looks more detailed?
Pardon my pictures here as i cannot expand it to a bigger size due to the constraint of my web browser.

 Just happened it was a day at i took the opportunity to grab some pano shots. Legacy Pro 100 (2)

Legacy Pro 100 (3)

Legacy Pro 100 (4)

Legacy Pro 100 (5)

Legacy Pro 100

Legacy Pro 100 (6)

Legacy Pro 100 (9)

The staff there selling water..he was very nice to allow me to take some pictures of him.Legacy Pro 100 (10)

Legacy Pro 100 (11)

Legacy Pro 100 (12)

And here i switched lens to try out my 80mm PS lens. Legacy Pro 100 (13)

The bokeh was so creamy given that its a f2.8 lens.. Legacy Pro 100 (14)

Its definitely a joy to use this lens..and if i cant do a 6x9 or 6x12 for panorama, then why not on the cheaper 35mm film?

Bronica SQ-Ai, 40mm & 80mm PS
Legacy Pro 100, R09

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My new Bronica back...135W - Panorama

Ever since i saw the negative from Losheng on his 135mm film, shot thru Bronica on a 135mm wide back, i always wanted one. Like all the Bronica user, we checked ebay and there was none for a long period.
I heard it was pretty rare in the market and most Bronica owner who owned one, dont seems to let it go.

The only available copy listed for sale can be found on which came with a heavy price tag of USD310 

Well, let me be specific here, its not just a normal 135mm back that shoot a normal 135mm frame. Its a panorama back that shoots a 1.5 frame off the film.
In our last outing, Fei mentioned to me about a local dealer who still has quite a handful of Bronica items in his store for sale and we made a trip down yesterday.
I was surprised to find the store to be filled with all sorts of lenses, accessories and camera body. Most of which are Bronica related stuff. It was amazing.

With just 2 of the remaining panorama back on the shelve, i quickly grabbed them.
Bronica 135W

Bronica 135W

Bronica 135W

Well it totally slipped my mind to ask about the 135W focusing screen...nonetheless, i did some measurement and got myself a mask for the back...  Bronica 135W

Bronica 135W

Bronica 135W

I am going to load a roll of legacy Pro 100 to give it a try..Will post the results soon...if it works, probably i can do without a focusing screen...& Once again thanks to Fei for bringing me down the shop!

Morning at Loysel toys

It was supposed to be a coffee session at Loysel toys, but my attention was drawn towards the next table... That gave me a chance to finish off my remaining frames..

  acros (6)

Fuji Pro 160NS (2)

Fuji Pro 160NS (10)

Isnt she adorable? Like a baby doll after a messy breakfast...acros

acros (2)

acros (4)

Bronica SQ-Ai, 80mm f2.8 PS 
Acros 100, R09, Fuji Pro 160NS