Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finally, the next BIG Camera outing

After a hectic week of work and finally a day without rain, i finally get to meet up with the guys for a street photography session.

Sky was blue and lighting was good today.
Colorplus 1 (3) 40mm

Colorplus 1 (5) 40mm

My favorite Picture of the day
Colorplus 1 (4) 40mm

Couldnt resist to capture more pictures of the charismatic foreman and hardworking labour.
Shots from my R2A and canon 50mm f1.8
colorplus  (3)

colorplus  (2)

Colorplus 1 (6) 40mm

Julian, the youngest LF shooter in the group
Colorplus 1 (2) 40mm

Finally a group picture!
Colorplus 1 40mm

Bronica SQ-Ai, 40mm & 80mm PS
Kodak colorplus 200