Friday, October 28, 2016

Hey Hexar AF

It wasn't really something that i wanted, but everyone has a copy and everyone brags about how good this camera is.

So when Eddy informed me about a deal on Carousell by AlexFoto, i bought it. Immediately i went testing how good this camera function under low light, and i was impressed. Most of the night shots were shot at 1/15...its amazing how fast and sharp the camera performed.

Hexar AF
 Hexar AF

Hexar AF
Hexar AF

And they did say that, it performed even better on BNW film. Well, we shall see.

This camera might just pair well with my Bronica Setup for a trip!

Hexar AF
Kodak Hawkeye film 400

DownSizing my collection

It all started when i realised that i don't shoot as much as i did before and canon lenses started to give me some maintenance issue when you don't use the lens. Typical fog and haze will start building up in the lenses and the maintenance is an issue.
I guess the wonderful idea of dry cabinet apparently does not solve the issue. It only slow down the process but not a total preventive control.

Well and so, i started selling my collection, trimming everything to a few pieces that i would love to use and often bring it overseas with me.

For now, I am thinking of keeping the Summaron, Summitar,  Canon 35mm f2, Canon 50mm f1.4, Nikkor 5cm f2 and thats about it.

While the market is slow in buying, i guess its a matter of time the rest get sold.

So, goodbye Canon

Canon RF & Lenses