Friday, March 30, 2012

One last swing

Remember the swings that once accompanied our childhood?

Untitled-Scanned-32 canon 50mm f2.2

Reala 100, Canon 50mm f2.2

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seeing Double

Never would i imagine doing a double exposure on my Leica M2, and its purely coincident that it happened. With the sensitive soft shutter mounted on my M2, it always trigger off the shutter each and everytime i removed it from my bag and with Reala 100, its such a waste to leave the frame alone.
So i decided to wind it back..and i got these....

Untitled-Scanned-10 75mm and 50 f1.5

Not too bad for a double..
Untitled-Scanned-11 75mm 50 f1.5

Well another tips for a double on ur film camera if you wanted something fun..

Reala 100, VC 75mm f2.5 & Canon 50 f1.5

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Staying strong and positive

Despite her age and the restriction in her movement, she is still as strong and healthy. Being Positive is the best motivation in life.

Thought of capturing her movements in action would be better than a portrait of her...

The Ah Ma

Canon P
Canon 100mm f3.5
Kodak Colorplus 200

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Barber

He may be a popular Barber back in the old days but today, he is hidden behind a back alley providing the same services he did many years back.
As the days passed, the queue for his service gets shorter and shorter.
There may be a time where his service is no longer required, but the passion and faith that kept him from going is admirable!


These loyal customers might be his main motivation to carry on.

Canon 50mm f2.2
HP5+, Ilfosol 3

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yashica EM

I had a soft spot for TLRs since many years back and so when i saw the classified ad on RFF by David Murphy, i knew i just had to get it.
After 2 weeks of waiting for the parcel to arrive, i was surprised at what i received. Never did i thought that this copy would turn out so minty, definitely not for a 1964 camera. Frankly speaking, when i saw this on RFF, i didnt really read thru the description. I was rather more interested to know if it was still available. So a quick check with David, that its functioning well with no fungus is all that required for me to pay for it. Of course i have trust in David after several dealings with him.


Well, after looking thru the acute matte screen from a hassey, every single screen seems dim..haha (Psychological issue...nothing to do with the camera..)

This camera has the smoothest film advance of all the TLRs that i owned.

Another round of waiting till the weekend arrived to bring it out for a shoot..
Sadly, i think i loaded the wrong film, Fuji Acros. The place was a little too dark to shoot an iso 100 film and with all the vivd colors of the place, shooting Black and white is a little waste.



The resident

Yashica EM
Acros 100, HC110

Let's take some photos

The passion of photography has grown much these days. Given the affordability to own a camera and the compactness to bring a camera everywhere you go, more and more people are shooting...

Happy Shooting!



Canon 100mm f3.5
HP5+, Ilfosol 3

Friday, March 23, 2012

Portraits back at Bac Ha

Regardless of the environment they live in, you can feel the happiness in them.

Be it rich or poor, kinship is really important. This granny takes really good care of the grand child.



Canon 60D
EF 35mm f2

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012


My first portrait shoot with EVA at Botanic gardens organised by the LF group. Thanks Angad for coordinating..and the invites.

Bronica SQ-AI, mainly on 150mm f4 PS lens( A great time to test out the lens) and some wider shots using 80mm f2.8 PS
Some portraiture pose(Portra 160VS)


Untitled-Scanned-20 80mm

Untitled-Scanned-18 80mm

Untitled-Scanned-21 80mm

You realised that its not easy to get a natural shots especially with the sun. (Reala 100)


Shooting Black and White potray another kind of mood here(TriX)


I concluded that lighting plays a huge part in portraits. If you get the light right, most probably the picture will turn out nice. I guess i still prefer candid portraits of people than a posed one..but the experience in this one is good!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Billingham

It took me awhile to consider getting this bag. I have never bought a camera bag that cost so much..(well of course leaving aside my porter bags), and im often very rough with my camera bags. So even till the last minute, i am still thinking if i should buy it.

Well, the remorse feeling didnt last long after i got the bag. The moment i sling it with my camera in it, i felt i make the right choice.

Credits to Holly for these shot!

Pic1 edited

This bag is looks refine and classy. Every single aspect of the design of this bag is considered carefully from a user point of view. The bag stick close to your back which in a way, makes movement easy and more comfortable.

There are a few options on the color and material but i chose the Khaki tan canvas for its feel!

So here i have, my first Billingham Hadley Large bag!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Street walking with Canon 100mm f3.5 ltm

Leaving this lens in the cabinet is a waste of i brought it out with me n like Benny mentioned, this lens is indeed a gem!

So I stroll down Chinatown and took a few shots of the tourist...
Shot with Canon 100 f3.5ltm




Surprising lucky

Once awhile, you will find some shots that came out lucky...

The bird fly

Saturday, March 3, 2012