Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Billingham

It took me awhile to consider getting this bag. I have never bought a camera bag that cost so much..(well of course leaving aside my porter bags), and im often very rough with my camera bags. So even till the last minute, i am still thinking if i should buy it.

Well, the remorse feeling didnt last long after i got the bag. The moment i sling it with my camera in it, i felt i make the right choice.

Credits to Holly for these shot!

Pic1 edited

This bag is looks refine and classy. Every single aspect of the design of this bag is considered carefully from a user point of view. The bag stick close to your back which in a way, makes movement easy and more comfortable.

There are a few options on the color and material but i chose the Khaki tan canvas for its feel!

So here i have, my first Billingham Hadley Large bag!

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  1. I've still got my Billingham bag that I bought around 20 years ago. It's not my favourite bag but it is certainly well made. Only the rubber on the shoulder pad has worn away.