Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yashica EM

I had a soft spot for TLRs since many years back and so when i saw the classified ad on RFF by David Murphy, i knew i just had to get it.
After 2 weeks of waiting for the parcel to arrive, i was surprised at what i received. Never did i thought that this copy would turn out so minty, definitely not for a 1964 camera. Frankly speaking, when i saw this on RFF, i didnt really read thru the description. I was rather more interested to know if it was still available. So a quick check with David, that its functioning well with no fungus is all that required for me to pay for it. Of course i have trust in David after several dealings with him.


Well, after looking thru the acute matte screen from a hassey, every single screen seems dim..haha (Psychological issue...nothing to do with the camera..)

This camera has the smoothest film advance of all the TLRs that i owned.

Another round of waiting till the weekend arrived to bring it out for a shoot..
Sadly, i think i loaded the wrong film, Fuji Acros. The place was a little too dark to shoot an iso 100 film and with all the vivd colors of the place, shooting Black and white is a little waste.



The resident

Yashica EM
Acros 100, HC110

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