Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vietnam Model

She is the model that we engaged for our photoshoot in Hanoi...
It's definitely not an easy job to smile and pose for the photographers...not especially when you have to do that for an hour.

Kudos to her patience and friendliness...and thanks to the experienced shooters who guided her and amateurs like us on the angle and lighting...


While waiting...

While waiting for the crowds to appear at the speaker corner....

Untitled-Scanned-25 topcor 5cm

Untitled-Scanned-26 topcor 5cm

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Recently, i came across a few sonnar lenses and spent awhile to test dry cabinet is starting to pile up with these lenses...:)

I hesitated awhile when i had a chance to own this lens but i know i had to own one...
I had the chance to shoot some pics of this little cute baby, Shania, who is super cooperative with picture taking! Unlike the nikkor 5cm 1.4 version, this lens render a soft smooth effect on skin tone which i liked it alot! Bokeh was smooth and soft...
Untitled-Scanned-01 nikkor 5cm f2

Untitled-Scanned-02 nikkor 5cm f2

Untitled-Scanned-03 nikkor 5cm f2

Untitled-Scanned-04 nikkor 5cm f2

Next, the canon 50mm f1.5 sonnar, was highly regarded...and in its own canon league..this lens is considered one of the best. Although the copy i picked had some oil on performed relatively well. Mostly shot open and if you compare with the nikkor lens, this lens is more contrasty..bokeh harsh and sharper!
Untitled-Scanned-06 canon 50 f1.5

Untitled-Scanned-18 canon 50mm f1.5

Untitled-Scanned-17 canon 50mm f1.5

It could be due to the lighting..but shooting outdoor with this lens for portrait isnt as bad as compared to the nikkor, this was captured at f2...
Untitled-Scanned-16 canon 50mm f1.5

Next up...a borrowed lens from David, his topcor 5cm f2. This might not be a sonnar lens design but well...since i have used it..thought i will post some pictures i took using this lens.
I felt that this lens has a little pop up effect when used at the correct focal length..
Untitled-Scanned-27 topcor 5cm

Untitled-Scanned-28 topcor 5cm

Anyway, this isnt a test since the condition and subject are different but rather showing what the pictures from these lens. Hopefully, it will help you make some decisions in your next purchase :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Feel for Solaris 100

Films are quite interesting, especially if you shoot an expired negative..the results are often unpredictable and it adds a little more excitement while waiting to see the results.

I found a roll of expired Solaris 100 in my fridge and the results was rather attractive :) The strong orange hue added a little more feel to the pictures. To be frank, among all the solaris films, the 100 is the best so far that i have tried. Never go for the 200...

These pictures are taken with canon 50mm f1.4.

Untitled-Scanned-14 canon 50

The reasons which i shoot with a rangefinder and on films was because at iso 100, im able to hand helf my rangefinder and get this shot nicely!
Untitled-Scanned-07 canon 50 1.4

I'm tired
Untitled-Scanned-15 canon 50 1.4

Framing her thoughts!
Untitled-Scanned-19 canon 50mm 1.4

Untitled-Scanned-21 canon 50 f1.4

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Camera n I - an everyday surprise

I will always try to carry a camera with me wherever i go, as i believed that an opportunity for a good photo will always come naturally. Without a camera, it means nothing.
I enjoyed shooting a lot with films. This is the time where i get to slow down my pace and to frame each worthy picture i see using my rangefinder. Film takes more skill to get right, but when you do, it's magnificent.

Familiar places, see differently..

With Nikon S2, 5cm f1.4
I was thinking what would i see if i looked down from my office....

Nikkor 2.8cm f3.5
What would i see from this man's view?

What will i see if i shoot behind my back?

What will he think if he sees this picture!

Universal Studio Singapore ...continued

M2, loaded with a left over roll of Legacy Pro @800, developed with xtol. This was my first roll developed using xtol. Shot mainly with nikkor 3.5cm f2.5.

I realised that legacy pro under outdoor tend to over expose by 1 stop.


Amazing lens!

Some characters of USS







Mum and sis enjoying their ride!






i love the shallow depth of field rendered on this lens!

Performing well indoor as well!


Overall, a great lens to use and USS is a fantastic place!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Using my Nikon S2, i decided to try a decent roll of color on our visit there!
Found a roll of kodak Pro Image 100 & Colorplus 200. Both are my favourite color negatives!

Untitled-Scanned-04 2.8cm

Untitled-Scanned-06 2.8cm

Untitled-Scanned-17 2.8cm

Untitled-Scanned-15 2.8cm

Untitled-Scanned-19 2.8cm

Untitled-Scanned-16 2.8cm

Untitled-Scanned-18 2.8cm

Untitled-Scanned-05 2.8

Untitled-Scanned-04 2.8

Untitled-Scanned-03 2.8

Untitled-Scanned-02 2.8

Untitled-Scanned-30 2.8

Untitled-Scanned-31 2.8