Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bagan - Shwezeegon Pagoda

Bagan, the land of Pagoda and frankly speaking, it looks so much like the Indiana Jones in the lost City. While i am having a hard time deciding where to start, i thought i should just share the ones that i like best..

Shweezeegon Pagoda

The "Shwe-zee-gon" pagoda has been built under the command of king "Anaw-ya-hta" and it has been finished by the third successor of Bagan in 1084. 

King "Anaw-ya-hta" has the tooth replica and collar bones of the Lord Buddha un-earthed. These sacred relics were brought to Bagan on the back of Royal white elephant and the king made a wish, and the pagoda was built on the site where the royal elephant knelt-down. It was a sandbar called in Burmese "Zee-gon", and the pagoda was named after that word as "Shwe-zee-gon" (the golden sandbar).

Well this is the only Golden Pagoda that i saw here...

Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

The pigeons circling the temple was quite a sight!
Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

These 2 religious old ladies offering their daily prayers.
Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

I love this place so much that i revisited this pagoda three times and took a fair bit of shots here..

Mamiya C220, Sekor 55mm f4 and 80mm f2.8
Fuji Reala 100 and Pro 160NS

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Beauty of Inle Lake

It was raining which explains the unusual serenity on the lake..
The unadulterated tranquility adds on to the beauty of the lake and we almost forgot about our pathetic plight  (drenched) as we soak in the sights that takes our breath away.
Inle Lake

We aren't alone...
inle Lake

Inle Lake

Canon P, CV 25mm f4
Ilford Delta 400 @ 800, R09

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Monk

While seeking shelter from the rain at this temple in Inle Lake, i saw this monk gazing out of the window. It was a sight of serenity despite the chaotic streets out there.
The Monk

It was only after sometime that i realized, he was a well respected monk in this temple. Every local who entered the temple would pay their respect to him.
I walked over, he smiled and i gestured to him for a picture and he smiled back again.
The Monk

In a Country who believed in karma, it was fate who lead me here...

Canon P, Canon 50mm f1.4 ltm, Canon 100mm f3.5 ltm
Ilford Delta 400, R09 1:100, 21mins

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Myanmar - a little preview

I didnt have alot of time to process and scan my pictures. In total i shot 18 rolls of film of which 12 were 35mm.
While im sorting out my pictures, here's a little preview of what i had captured during this trip at Heho Inle Lake.
  canon 100mm 7

canon 100mm 10


Canon P, Canon 100mm f3.5 ltm
Legacy Pro 100 processed with R09 at 200

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lorong Halus Wet Land Reserve

Its always rewarding to wake up early for a nice walk in the Park to enjoy the uncluttered view, serenity and fresh air.

Lorong Halus Wetland Reserve

Bronica SQ-Ai, 40mm f4 PS
Kodak Ektar 100, 135W Pano back

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Myanmar, finally!

Waiting for nearly 1 year and it finally came. A little reward after completing my 6th ICT.
So what am i bringing for this trip???

A full film journey!!! After some inspiration from Eddy, who always shoot films overseas...i decided to go without my DSLR.
Preparation for my Myanmar Trip

Just 3 lenses for my RF...bringing along the Canon P this round...
Preparation for my Myanmar Trip

Should be more than enough!
Preparation for my Myanmar Trip

Hopefully, i can capture nicely Myanmar with my set-up!

Canon 60D, 35mm f2

Friday, October 12, 2012

Seagull 4B-I

The first TLR i saw and got me really love TLR wasnt a Rolleiflex, it was a seagull. I remembered seeing Seagull in poster and advertisements and since then I have always wanted 1.
So when Nikornos showed me his modified Seagull 4B-I during an outing, i went searching for a copy.

Well, like everyone knows, most 2nd hand Seagull TLR was problematic, the factor that put me off buying it from ebay. Furthermore, i was adamant in finding the copy with the chinese wordings and so, the search was tough.

Not until Nikornos decided to sell me one of his copy..and at a great price! So why wait further?
Seagull 4B-I

Oh the reason why i got the 4B was because of its knob advance, the knob advance would probably save me one issue with this camera in the long run. With lesser features, the chances of breakdown is low.
But the main reason why i got it, was because its well known for the 4B series to produce some really nice swirly bokeh..
Seagull 4B-I

Seagull 4B-I

What's more, he even packaged the hoya close up +2 filter for me. A pretty rare accessories these days.
Seagull 4B-I

So nice this TLR and i cant wait to bring it out to get some swirly background pictures!
Seagull 4B-I

Canon 60D, 35mm f2

My Visionary Tilt World

Another view that brightens my day!

My Tilt visionary World

Minolta Autocord, Reala 100