Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shangrila 6x9 with Kodak 100VS

Out of 8 shots, 4 managed to came out well, i guess i may have mishandled the film the night before which resulted in some light leak on the slides.

The handshake thing on this camera even at 1/100 is irritating for me...guess i need to practise more with my left hand pressing the shutter...

Nonetheless, here are the pictures..glad i brought a MF there :)
Shangrila 6x9

Shangrila 6x9

Shangrila 6x9

Shangrila 6x9

Zeiss Ikon Ercona, Kodak E100VS

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The most blessed thing to happen to one is to have a companion to spend the balance of your life together with you..

Friendship that last! Companions

Lovey dovey couple Companions

Sister Companions


R2A, Canon 35mm f2, 
Legacy Pro 400, R09

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dali(大理) Foreigner street (洋人街)

We reached Dali near evening and by the time we reached the famous Foreigner street (洋人街), it was near dinner time. The slow pace of this street and the relaxing ambiance here captivates me.

A pity that i did not have enough time to glace thru the place and my R2A broke down causing me to miss out the chance to venture out the street once again after dinner.

Whole Frame (41)

Whole Frame (47) Whole Frame (48) Whole Frame (46) Whole Frame (45) Whole Frame (49)
R2A, Canon 35mm f2, Canon 50mm f1.8,
Legacy Pro 100 pushed to 200 with R09

Thursday, May 17, 2012

丽江束河古镇 (Lijiang Shuhe ancient city)

Shuhe Old town, only 7 km away from Lijiang's Old Town, is another place protected as "World culture heritage site" in Lijiang City. It once was a significant town on the famous ancient Tea-horse Road in History, with an even longer history than the Lijiang Old Town.

It is an alternative to the bustling Lijiang. Shuhe is on the contrary extremely simpleminded and tranquil.
a welcome relief from the 'vanity' of Lijiang's beautiful women and lively nightlife. 

Whole Frame (16)

Whole Frame (17)

Whole Frame (5)

Whole Frame (3)

A Rubbish Collector, who basically looks for recycling products thru each and every bin in the town.. I followed her for awhile and was surprised to know that the people here are very environmental friendly. Whole Frame (18)

Whole Frame

Whole Frame (4)

Horses and carriages for rent is one of the main tourist business in this little town.
The Horse   Rider and Horses

The Rider
Rider and Horses

Rider and Horses

Rider and Horses

Waiting for the next customer Rider and Horses

Whole Frame (2)

Voigtlander R2A, Canon 35mm f2 ltm, 
Legacy Pro 100 developed with R09 @ 200, 15mins

Monday, May 14, 2012

Shangrila - Shika Snow Mountain (石卡雪山)

Shika Snow Mountain area, is located in the southwestern Shangri-La (Zhongdian), about 7km away from Shangril-La county 

My anticipated trip to Shangrila's Shika snow mountain was arduous, the lack of oxygen at 4400m above sea level and the long journey was pretty taxing on my stamina. I was lucky to be spared from the altitude sickness that some of my tour mates experienced.

Compared to my Mount Bromo trip, this is even more tough. I was literally panting every few steps, gushing for air and the thought of reaching the peak to get the pictures was my only motivation to carry on.

Here are some of the pictures...its beautiful isnt it.
This place is very near to Tibet, as such, its main religion is the Tibetan Buddhism IMG_0234

Greeted at the foot of the mountain...the Indian Azalea (杜娟花). Was told that the leaves is poisonous..therefore not many people dare to pluck it. 杜娟花

On the way up from 3300m to 4200m 石卡雪山



Was lucky to still see snow while Summer is approaching..was so excited with my first experience that i didnt even feel the cold holding the snow with my bare hands 石卡雪山



The long walk to the other end of the mountain. 石卡雪山

It was worth every single effort for this scenery...glad i made it to the summit..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Successful 6x9 shots with Ercona

Seems like the Ercona got itself alot of attention from me...judging from the past 3 entries. Well, my last experience with Ercona wasn't that satisfied even though i managed to get 1-2 pictures correct.
I have to admit that I did not prepare myself well the last round before bringing the camera on street to shoot. No research was done on zone focusing and motion blur(due to pressing the shutter too hard) killed most of the pictures.
I was determined to get this right prior my trip to China so I started reading up zone focusing and i did a zone focusing chart for my reference. IMG_3128

On Labour Day, i took the camera out on street again but this time, i tried shooting a little slower... Here's the results...seems like i nailed it... Image 1 (3) (5)wf

Image 1 (4)wf

Its pretty impressive for a lens that old...
Image 1 (3) (4)wf

Image 1wf

I realised that the viewfinder seems to be slightly inaccurate in terms of the subject height. I guess, i might need to compensate it myself but lowering the camera a little more.. Image 1 (3)

Image 1 (3) (3)wf

Zeiss Ikon Ercona, Fuji Pro 160NS