Thursday, May 17, 2012

丽江束河古镇 (Lijiang Shuhe ancient city)

Shuhe Old town, only 7 km away from Lijiang's Old Town, is another place protected as "World culture heritage site" in Lijiang City. It once was a significant town on the famous ancient Tea-horse Road in History, with an even longer history than the Lijiang Old Town.

It is an alternative to the bustling Lijiang. Shuhe is on the contrary extremely simpleminded and tranquil.
a welcome relief from the 'vanity' of Lijiang's beautiful women and lively nightlife. 

Whole Frame (16)

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A Rubbish Collector, who basically looks for recycling products thru each and every bin in the town.. I followed her for awhile and was surprised to know that the people here are very environmental friendly. Whole Frame (18)

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Horses and carriages for rent is one of the main tourist business in this little town.
The Horse   Rider and Horses

The Rider
Rider and Horses

Rider and Horses

Rider and Horses

Waiting for the next customer Rider and Horses

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Voigtlander R2A, Canon 35mm f2 ltm, 
Legacy Pro 100 developed with R09 @ 200, 15mins

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