Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Successful 6x9 shots with Ercona

Seems like the Ercona got itself alot of attention from me...judging from the past 3 entries. Well, my last experience with Ercona wasn't that satisfied even though i managed to get 1-2 pictures correct.
I have to admit that I did not prepare myself well the last round before bringing the camera on street to shoot. No research was done on zone focusing and motion blur(due to pressing the shutter too hard) killed most of the pictures.
I was determined to get this right prior my trip to China so I started reading up zone focusing and i did a zone focusing chart for my reference. IMG_3128

On Labour Day, i took the camera out on street again but this time, i tried shooting a little slower... Here's the results...seems like i nailed it... Image 1 (3) (5)wf

Image 1 (4)wf

Its pretty impressive for a lens that old...
Image 1 (3) (4)wf

Image 1wf

I realised that the viewfinder seems to be slightly inaccurate in terms of the subject height. I guess, i might need to compensate it myself but lowering the camera a little more.. Image 1 (3)

Image 1 (3) (3)wf

Zeiss Ikon Ercona, Fuji Pro 160NS

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