Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodbye my Nikon S2

Today, i made a tough decision to sell my Nikon S2 setup. It has been with me for almost 1 year and regrettably, i had to let it go...
I have been very unfair to this camera as i hardly touch it and its difficult to justify that i need it. So instead of hiding this beautiful camera in darkness, i decided to pass it to the next owner who would bring it to light.

I had attempted to sell it off at least twice during this 1 year but each time, i just couldnt bear to sell it. So here's one final look at the camera, before bidding it farewell... IMG_51582


And the beautiful pictures i took with it. Untitled-Scanned-24


Nikon S2, 5cm f1.4
HP5+, Tmax developer

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My first visit to a Local Fish Port

I have always wanted to visit a fish port and to see the activities between the fish retailers, fish processors and institutional buyers. The last time when i actually planned for one was during my visit to Japan. Tsujiki Market was in my itinerary but due to the inconvenience of travelling, i had to drop the plan.

So when Ben initiated a visit to a Local Fish port, I took the chance to check out the place. 
We reached the Port at 3am and it was already buzzing with activities. The vessels has already dock and landed their first catch at the port. 
Everyone was moving quickly in the Port to get the best deal.

At a place with very dim lighting and quick movements, photo taking wasn't easy. Not to mention, how photo unfriendly the place was, so flash photography was absolutely out of the picture. I had to push my film all the way to ISO 3200 which also explains the high contrast and imbalance exposure.

Its Photo intensive as i shot 2 rolls of film here...

Outside the Port, the unloading of fishes in carton..
CV25mm f4 (23)

CV25mm f4 (18)

CV25mm f4 (20)

CV25mm f4 (19)

CV25mm f4 (11)

CV25mm f4 (6)

CV25mm f4 (13)

Laying the fishes in their own territory for sale..
CV25mm f4 (29)

Jurong Port

CV25mm f4 (30)

CV25mm f4 (31)

CV25mm f4 (33)

Some of the smaller and inferior fishes are sold in basket.CV25mm f4 (37)

CV25mm f4 (54)

Only Towkay gets a seat.. CV25mm f4 (10)

Literary, the bosses are always behind the desk and they are the person to approach if you would like to buy their fishes..
CV25mm f4 (16)

CV25mm f4 (35)

CV25mm f4 (15)

CV25mm f4 (14)

An area where they clean the fishes...
CV25mm f4 (26)

CV25mm f4 (12)

CV25mm f4 (21)

CV25mm f4 (7)

Buyers choosing the fishes carefully.. CV25mm f4 (44)

CV25mm f4 (49)

CV25mm f4 (51)

CV25mm f4 (39)

CV25mm f4

CV25mm f4 (2)

CV25mm f4 (42)

Closing the deals.. Jurong Port

Jurong Port

I noticed that apart from us who has the least interest in buying the fishes, there are also others who are not interested in buying fishes. They actually offered trolley services to fish buyers. For a tip like $2, they will help to load the fishes to the buyer truck.. CV25mm f4 (3)

CV25mm f4 (8)

By around 5pm, most of the stall would have been vacant. The tiresome look from the sellers due to the overnight activities marks the end of the day activity.. I am as well tired after this 3 hours of monitoring and photo taking session... CV25mm f4 (46)

As i bring home this series of photos from the 3 hours session, bundled together was the fishy smell that cling on to my shoes, bags etc...

R2A, CV 25mm f4, 75mm f2.5
Ilford Delta 400 @ 3200, HC 110

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Canon RFs

They might not be one of the best designed RF bodies in the market but definitely a joy to use. Priced much lower than Leica and many others RF bodies, its always a great choice for anyone who wish to start RF.
There are quite a no. of design for the Canon RF bodies and many still remains in good condition today.
To-date, those that i came across in the market are mostly functioning well which shows how well built these RF are.

I shot the Canon P in Japan and i love the simplicity design for it. The Viewfinder in anyway isnt inferior to Leica.

Thou not the collectibles, shown here in the picture are my favourite top 3 Canon RF bodies, the 7, P and VT Deluxe. My humble canon bodies

Thanks David for his contribution of the VT Deluxe to this series of collection...the VT Deluxe has one of the most interesting viewfinder...with the changes in frameline, the viewfinder changes with manifying effect..

Diminishing Trade - Chinese Puppet Show

Its not commonly found these days and only during the Lunar 7th month will there be shows like this.
These performance was meant for spirits.
legacy Pro 400  (7) nikkor 3.5cm

legacy Pro 400  (8) nikkor 3.5cm

legacy Pro 400  (9) nikkor 3.5cm

Probably a few years later, this trade would be gone..

Leica M2, Nikkor 3.5cm f2.5
Ilford Delta 400 @ 800, R09

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Traditional Barber

As we walk thru Joo Chiat, this little barber shop catches our attention..
Displayed on the walls are pictures of MM Lee and a few other famous person in Singapore. With the many Certificates, news cutting displayed on the wall shows the history of his career
Delta (12)

Delta (13)

Delta (14)

He was a little shy to pose for us and this could be his last year of service. Delta (11)

M2, Nikkor 3.5cm f2.5, 
Ilford Delta 400 @ 800, R09

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Fuji Pro 160NS (11)bnw

Bronica SQ-Ai, 150mm f4 PS 
Fuji Pro 160NS converted B&W

Photo walk with new CV 25mm f4 at MBS

After much hesitant and research, i finally picked up a color skopar 25mm f4 lens. I guess if im planning to just bring my RF for future trip, a wide angle is pretty much needed.
Well, i owned the CV 15mm lens before and did not like the distortion and un-sharpness of the lens(It could be just my copy, as others sang praises of it) and i find that 21mm is still too wide for me. I did considered the 28mm but then it was pretty close to my 35mm...only if i dont own the 35mm, i would have bought the 28mm lens.
I randomly googled on a 25mm lens and unexpectedly found this suits every single of my needs and the price is the lowest among all the above choice.

With its inherent depth of field, this lens is a great street lens that allow me to get close to my subject even within the 1 metre range.
Thanks to Phil for collecting the lens and passing it to me today, so that i was able to try it out at MBS. We had a good walk around the esplanade. Although not all the pictures made it on screen, it scored a remarkable set of interesting pictures...

Showing some of the better ones here...
legacy Pro 400  (37)

Somehow i feel its a happy lens, everyone seems to be smiling in my frame. Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

I got a little too close...and this falls out of my range..but nonetheless Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

Everyone feels happy except for him, looked pretty bothered. Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

Hiding away from shades Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

legacy Pro 400  (27)

Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

Here's Phil loading up his film under the sunset.. Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

Even motion blur shots seems rather interesting on this lens... legacy Pro 400  (35)

She is way too fast for me.. Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

legacy Pro 400  (25)

legacy Pro 400  (23)

 A panning at best shot...Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm

legacy Pro 400  (34)

I didnt forget the main purpose of this lens, the landscape done on this lens seems pretty decent...cant spot much distortion here...
Weekend Walk @ MBS with CV 25mm