Friday, August 3, 2012

Passing by..Colleagues @ my desk Project

Well this is my first photo project that i randomly set for myself ever since i picked up a camera.
It all happened one day when i was going thru my dry cabinet, i realised that i had neglected my Om1n for the longest period...
So i thought why not bring it to office and use it...but with the amount of work lately, it seems impossible to bring it around with me and do some shooting during lunch etc...

So i left it on my desk and do some random portraits of people who passes by my desk or colleagues around me. Well, this was an even more difficult task given that everyone felt shy with a camera pointing at them for no reasons..some even ran away...

Out of 36 shots, i only managed to captured 16 shots and of which, only 12 came out here it is...
Colleagus @ my desk Project

I particularly love this shot and glad that it came out well. She is our dedicated cleaner..who did a great job in keeping our office clean!
Colleagus @ my desk Project

Thanks to all the participating colleagues.....looking forward to shoot more in office!

Olympus OM1n, 50mm f1.8
Trix 400

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