Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodbye my Nikon S2

Today, i made a tough decision to sell my Nikon S2 setup. It has been with me for almost 1 year and regrettably, i had to let it go...
I have been very unfair to this camera as i hardly touch it and its difficult to justify that i need it. So instead of hiding this beautiful camera in darkness, i decided to pass it to the next owner who would bring it to light.

I had attempted to sell it off at least twice during this 1 year but each time, i just couldnt bear to sell it. So here's one final look at the camera, before bidding it farewell... IMG_51582


And the beautiful pictures i took with it. Untitled-Scanned-24


Nikon S2, 5cm f1.4
HP5+, Tmax developer

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