Saturday, August 25, 2012

Canon RFs

They might not be one of the best designed RF bodies in the market but definitely a joy to use. Priced much lower than Leica and many others RF bodies, its always a great choice for anyone who wish to start RF.
There are quite a no. of design for the Canon RF bodies and many still remains in good condition today.
To-date, those that i came across in the market are mostly functioning well which shows how well built these RF are.

I shot the Canon P in Japan and i love the simplicity design for it. The Viewfinder in anyway isnt inferior to Leica.

Thou not the collectibles, shown here in the picture are my favourite top 3 Canon RF bodies, the 7, P and VT Deluxe. My humble canon bodies

Thanks David for his contribution of the VT Deluxe to this series of collection...the VT Deluxe has one of the most interesting viewfinder...with the changes in frameline, the viewfinder changes with manifying effect..

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