Monday, May 14, 2012

Shangrila - Shika Snow Mountain (石卡雪山)

Shika Snow Mountain area, is located in the southwestern Shangri-La (Zhongdian), about 7km away from Shangril-La county 

My anticipated trip to Shangrila's Shika snow mountain was arduous, the lack of oxygen at 4400m above sea level and the long journey was pretty taxing on my stamina. I was lucky to be spared from the altitude sickness that some of my tour mates experienced.

Compared to my Mount Bromo trip, this is even more tough. I was literally panting every few steps, gushing for air and the thought of reaching the peak to get the pictures was my only motivation to carry on.

Here are some of the pictures...its beautiful isnt it.
This place is very near to Tibet, as such, its main religion is the Tibetan Buddhism IMG_0234

Greeted at the foot of the mountain...the Indian Azalea (杜娟花). Was told that the leaves is poisonous..therefore not many people dare to pluck it. 杜娟花

On the way up from 3300m to 4200m 石卡雪山



Was lucky to still see snow while Summer is approaching..was so excited with my first experience that i didnt even feel the cold holding the snow with my bare hands 石卡雪山



The long walk to the other end of the mountain. 石卡雪山

It was worth every single effort for this scenery...glad i made it to the summit..

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