Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bagan - Shwezeegon Pagoda

Bagan, the land of Pagoda and frankly speaking, it looks so much like the Indiana Jones in the lost City. While i am having a hard time deciding where to start, i thought i should just share the ones that i like best..

Shweezeegon Pagoda

The "Shwe-zee-gon" pagoda has been built under the command of king "Anaw-ya-hta" and it has been finished by the third successor of Bagan in 1084. 

King "Anaw-ya-hta" has the tooth replica and collar bones of the Lord Buddha un-earthed. These sacred relics were brought to Bagan on the back of Royal white elephant and the king made a wish, and the pagoda was built on the site where the royal elephant knelt-down. It was a sandbar called in Burmese "Zee-gon", and the pagoda was named after that word as "Shwe-zee-gon" (the golden sandbar).

Well this is the only Golden Pagoda that i saw here...

Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

The pigeons circling the temple was quite a sight!
Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

These 2 religious old ladies offering their daily prayers.
Bagan - Shwezegon Pagoda

I love this place so much that i revisited this pagoda three times and took a fair bit of shots here..

Mamiya C220, Sekor 55mm f4 and 80mm f2.8
Fuji Reala 100 and Pro 160NS

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