Thursday, November 1, 2012

Follow my walk thru Shwezeegon

The most rewarding of all on this trip, aside from the nice historical pagoda is being able to explore this cultural rich surroundings in a slower pace unlike most tour group. I am glad that we stayed just opposite this temple which makes travelling easy.

Along the way to the entrance of the Pagoda is usually where the locals approach people for all sorts of business.

This young monk was standing at the entrance for as long as i was at the pagoda.Historical Site : Bagan

Being yourself is where true happiness happens... Shwezeegon Pagoda


Shwezeegon Shwezeegon Pagoda

Circling the Pagoda with prayers Shwezeegon Pagoda

The cute little monks collecting Alms
Historical Site : Bagan

Historical Site : Bagan

I love how they notice me..



Patience brings beauty. There are a few shots that took a fair bit of our time to compose and wait...img418 cv 25mm


Most of these people that are helping with the maintenance of the temple are out of goodwill. They believed that these will reap good karma for them and their family.Shwezeegon Pagoda

And on most of my trips, i love to meet people that share the same interest...and here's the coolest traveler that i have met on this trip..

This is where our visions met.img616

And where we sit by them...

The beauty that stays forever...

I will miss the good memories left here definitely...

Canon P, CV25mm f4, 50mm f1.4ltm
Trix 400 with R09, Legacy Pro 400 @ 800 with HC110, Colorplus 200

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