Monday, October 10, 2011

Feel for Solaris 100

Films are quite interesting, especially if you shoot an expired negative..the results are often unpredictable and it adds a little more excitement while waiting to see the results.

I found a roll of expired Solaris 100 in my fridge and the results was rather attractive :) The strong orange hue added a little more feel to the pictures. To be frank, among all the solaris films, the 100 is the best so far that i have tried. Never go for the 200...

These pictures are taken with canon 50mm f1.4.

Untitled-Scanned-14 canon 50

The reasons which i shoot with a rangefinder and on films was because at iso 100, im able to hand helf my rangefinder and get this shot nicely!
Untitled-Scanned-07 canon 50 1.4

I'm tired
Untitled-Scanned-15 canon 50 1.4

Framing her thoughts!
Untitled-Scanned-19 canon 50mm 1.4

Untitled-Scanned-21 canon 50 f1.4

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