Saturday, March 17, 2012


My first portrait shoot with EVA at Botanic gardens organised by the LF group. Thanks Angad for coordinating..and the invites.

Bronica SQ-AI, mainly on 150mm f4 PS lens( A great time to test out the lens) and some wider shots using 80mm f2.8 PS
Some portraiture pose(Portra 160VS)


Untitled-Scanned-20 80mm

Untitled-Scanned-18 80mm

Untitled-Scanned-21 80mm

You realised that its not easy to get a natural shots especially with the sun. (Reala 100)


Shooting Black and White potray another kind of mood here(TriX)


I concluded that lighting plays a huge part in portraits. If you get the light right, most probably the picture will turn out nice. I guess i still prefer candid portraits of people than a posed one..but the experience in this one is good!

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