Saturday, July 7, 2012

My new Bronica back...135W - Panorama

Ever since i saw the negative from Losheng on his 135mm film, shot thru Bronica on a 135mm wide back, i always wanted one. Like all the Bronica user, we checked ebay and there was none for a long period.
I heard it was pretty rare in the market and most Bronica owner who owned one, dont seems to let it go.

The only available copy listed for sale can be found on which came with a heavy price tag of USD310 

Well, let me be specific here, its not just a normal 135mm back that shoot a normal 135mm frame. Its a panorama back that shoots a 1.5 frame off the film.
In our last outing, Fei mentioned to me about a local dealer who still has quite a handful of Bronica items in his store for sale and we made a trip down yesterday.
I was surprised to find the store to be filled with all sorts of lenses, accessories and camera body. Most of which are Bronica related stuff. It was amazing.

With just 2 of the remaining panorama back on the shelve, i quickly grabbed them.
Bronica 135W

Bronica 135W

Bronica 135W

Well it totally slipped my mind to ask about the 135W focusing screen...nonetheless, i did some measurement and got myself a mask for the back...  Bronica 135W

Bronica 135W

Bronica 135W

I am going to load a roll of legacy Pro 100 to give it a try..Will post the results soon...if it works, probably i can do without a focusing screen...& Once again thanks to Fei for bringing me down the shop!


  1. Hello,
    thanks for the post. I recently have bought a SQ-Ai and looking for a 135W back. There is one on eBay for $300 which I guess is too expensive. Where did you find this one? I live in NYC but I can ask someone to bought one for me from another state. Please let me know. I really appreciate your help. Tou can email me:

  2. Hello,

    I've got the same back, when i'm using it with most of films there is no problem but with aerochrome i have somes overexposures...

    Did you ever had this kind of problems ?

    Thank you for your help !

    Ps : I will not forgive me for not asking you : Can you scan me your manual please ?