Thursday, July 5, 2012

The walk in nature...The Old Trees

On a Sunday morning, we went for a walkabout at this undiscovered little nature area... Not sure when will this place make way for urbanization especially on this little island...lets just enjoy what is still around for now.

 The beauty of nature... Fuji Pro 160NS (7)

This tree must have hundreds of age... acros (7)

You hardly see flowers growing from the ground these surprised that my 40mm lens can do extreme closeup...and the oof is quite nice here...even at f4..Fuji Pro 160NS (5)

Fuji Pro 160NS (4)

Love the serene atmosphere here.... acros (10)

Plants enjoying the sun
Fuji Pro 160NS (9)

Let's hope its still around for another few years....the sight would be different again then

Bronica SQ-Ai, 40mm f4 PS, 
Fuji Pro 160NS, Acros 100

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