Thursday, December 13, 2012


Do you still remember when you were young, where did you went for your hair cut?
I can still recall my childhood visit to a barber, where each time without fail, i would bring a photo with me and show it to the barber to request for a similar trendy hair style.

However, i would always ended up crying. It took me a few years to realize that every barber in the shop learned from one master and the master happened to only know 1 hair style.

Although these experiences were quite a nightmare, im glad that somehow it became good memories for me.

Do you remember this Retro Neon lighting outside a salon? Its really "Old school" and definitely one day, everyone will start missing it and look for one...


Fuji XE1, Ultron 35mm f1.7


  1. Nice! Do you know the red, white and blue on the barber's pole actually has some significance?

    The red and white signifies the blood stained bandages and clean white bandages respectively.
    Apparently barbers used to practice surgery and bloodletting!

    The blue is mandatory for barbers in the USA, probably as a homage to their national colours.
    The entire light-pole is derived from the idea of lighthouses.

    I was watching Asia's Underworld on TV and they said in some parts of Asia, the same pole was used as an advertising sign for prostitution!

  2. Nice...didnt really know there is so much meaning to these different colors.