Friday, December 21, 2012

Luedella Blogshop shoot (Collection 6)

Once again, i had the chance to shoot for Luedella collection 6. This shooting session was pretty fun despite the wet weather and probably its due to the easy-going and cooperative model and the nice partners from Luedella.

Well, DSLR still does a better job when it comes to such shoot...even with my slow Canon EF 35mm f2, i still managed to get some quick shots than the Fuji XE1. So...+1 for DSLR!

Some pictures here, do support them and like them on Facebook

Luedella Blogshop shoot

Luedella Blogshop shoot

Luedella Blogshop shoot

This was one of the few that i did on Fuji XE1 with Nokton 50mm f1.5ltm, Im The colors are just so vibrant!
Luedella Blogshop shoot

And we ended off with some old school polariods!
Canon 60D, EF 35mm f2

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