Friday, December 7, 2012

Changi Airport with Fuji XE1

It has been a week and I have been lugging the Fuji XE1 with me almost everyday to my office and using it whenever i had the chance to.

The Fuji XE1 not only stirred my interest in shooting digital, it got me thinking and started on shooting themes.
So its not really true when people say that all you need is a camera to take photos because a new camera can get you to rediscover your hobby. Of course, please justify the need for it and don't blindly follow the trend..what may be nice for others, may not be for you.

So, i have shoot a fair bit in colors, and i thought it would be nice to take some Black and white..
The pictures has been enhanced...(For goodness sake...its digital...who doesnt pp it??? Thats the main reason to shoot in digital!)
Okay but definitely it wasnt alot of editing..just some curves and vignetting. I must say that i have seen better from OMD's B&W. 

I always love terminal 3 for its symmetrical design...
T3..the Symmetrical mall

The permanent the parking stand

The luggage towing vehicle
Luggage tower

The spacious areas and the soft carpets are always the best running tracks for kids..

Fuji XE1, CV 25mm f4

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