Monday, December 3, 2012

Film on streets

It seems like there is always this issue that i have with digital users whenever i share with them my film experiences...
Somehow because of my over enthusiasm in film photography topics, it seems that my sharing and discussion often ened up to a heated conversation of either i was perceived saying film is better than digital (where it will spark a whole new range of argument) or trying to convert them into a film user.
While i really do not have the intention for the above, it always ended off quite unpleasant.  
Do you ever face such issues before? For me, i think that i will just contain each discussion within the group dedicated to either film or digital and if i really have to say, i will pen it down here...after all it's just a hobby.
So here's just my little personal thoughts...for the past 2 days, shooting street with the Fuji XE1 and my M2, i personally enjoyed the session with my M2 more. It's really personal, and while some say shooting film is a zen like experience, i agreed. Looking at the images from it has more feel.
With the under-saturated colors, rough texture, grains and the imperfection of the unknown images, it just sum up to a perfect experience and journey for the images. While the professional can relate better the feel in their images, i can't but i still love the process.

Films on street

Films on street

Leica M2, CV25mm f4
Kodak Profoto XL


  1. I feel that there is no need to choose between digital or film. We are in day and age where we can enjoy the fruits of both technology and the craftsmanship of yesteryear.

    Personally, the digital camera complements my film cameras, and they both have their uses. As they say, these are just tools. Use whichever that helps you achieve your vision better, and it maybe the M2 on a certain day and the XE-1 on another. Leading back to my initial point, there is no need to choose, they both have their places.

    You might want to read my rambling on this camera too!

  2. I agree with you Phil...but leaving aside the images quality etc personally i do like the experience shooting film..
    I believe all of us(film user) do :)