Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chiyoko Super Rokkor 5cm f2

Chiyoda Kōgaku, later renamed Minolta, made a range of Leica screw lenses for its Minolta 35 series camera, a Leica copy made between 1947 and 1958. Chiyoko is a shortened version of the name (CHIYOda KOgaku).

Of which, the chiyoko Super Rokkor 5cm f2 has received the most praises.
No doubt about its quality since its a 7 elements/4 groups, following summitar design.

All thanks to Ed, I had the chance to own a nice copy of this lens.
Like all old vintage lenses, this copy is build like a tank and heavy on its own. The chrome metal of the parts weigh quite a fair bit.


Well since i was street shooting that day, i decided to test out this lens.

And a bokeh freak like me would definitely like to see how this lens will perform wide open. So here's Holly helping out as my model for this test shot...

These pictures are from ilford HP5+, pull 1 stop, and develop using HC110, dilution H.

@f2, bokeh seems a little harsh, but the swirling motion produced from this bokeh really wows me.

It does produced a little 3D effect.

After testing the bokeh, i decided to try on its handling and performance on streets where most of which are shot at f2.8.



My conclusion, this lens is sharp and renders nice contrasty pictures. Its definitely a nice lens to use!
I will update this entry with on going test with this lens..such as shooting in colors etc. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi, I used it too, the swirly bokeh is amazing ans sharp. The 1.8 version is produce more 3D effect actually.