Saturday, January 21, 2012

A day with a Rolleiflex

I had the honour and pleasure to use the Rolleiflex 2.8E(Rolly), all thanks to Mr David who kindly lend me his copy.

So i was wondering why a Rolly is so sought after where there are lots of other TLR available in the market. The moment i hang this camera on my neck, it attracts lots of attention. Looking thru the viewfinder, i could see almost everyone smiling at the camera. It's really a chick magnet! The camera on its own is very charming!


Pardon me for now blowing the dust away before taking this picture!


I compared with my mamiya c330 and the Rolly looked so refine like a gentleman beside it.


Obviously, the Rolly has a brighter VF.

The only thing that i like my Mamiya is the ability to do close focusing! Its so amazing how close i can go with a TLR!

So here are some shots that i randomly snapped at Chinatown. Using Lucky 100(One of the film that curl like mad), here are some lucky shots!

Shot at 2.8 mainly!




My personal opinion on this camera?? Well, its a very sturdy & reliable TLR like all german made stuff. Optics wise, perfect! But given the current market price for this camera(which i can trade for 3 minolta autocord), most probably i wont be buying it...definitely not now! :)

However, if you already own one! Treasure it, its definitely a gem!

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