Thursday, January 5, 2012

A sunny noon at MBS

Its been awhile since i last shoot with a 6x6 medium format film and so i decided to bring my minolta autocord down for a test shot before my trip. Since Holly and Fionis are both at Marina Bay Sands, i decided to bring it along for a walk and shoot session.

The shooting experience with a TLR is so different. Mesmerized and attracted to the big beauty screen, you get to frame your shots nicely without people noticing that you are aiming at them. Compared to a normal camera, people are more curious than defensive against you...

The feeling is so relax compared to shooting a RF or DSLR...

She had a cast on her legs but yet so happily asking people to take a picture of her, without showing her legs.
Cheerful on a sunny bright day
Cheerful Sunny day

An indoor shot handheld at 1/15, sexy lady, who got attracted by my TLR
Sexy me n chocolates

Never thought that i would find a kid so young and emo
Im emo

They always say that once you shoot a TLR, you get attracted with it all...that you just wish to shoot more especialy with only 12 shots in a roll...Its true!

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