Saturday, December 31, 2011

A little Reflection for 2011, hopes for 2012

It was a buying non stop year in 2011, so coming 2012, i really wish to narrow down on what i really need...Would love to focus more on photography rather than shopping.

I will also be writing reviews on the various vintage lenses that i have acquired so far. Definitely more meaningful than just buying and collecting these lenses.
In a way, it will also force me to shoot more and make better decision which of these lenses should go...

Well, no harm having a wishlist for 2012, so after going thru a few rounds of eliminating, i managed to cut down to the below few.

1) leica M3 DS
2) Billingham f1.4 series bag, something which i should have bought since long ago...
3) A better scanner than my canon 8800f
4) Probably a 35mm lens and a 50mm lens which i have yet to decide on or get a canon 70-200mm

2012 will be a year with less travelling, where these savings will help me with my travel plans in save now, enjoy later :)

Well, hopefully in the coming year 2012, things will get better :)

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