Monday, July 11, 2011

Testing out canon 50 f1.8 LTM

Its been awhile since i last met Bin Yan. He was the person who sold me my first Rangefinder, the Yashica 35 GSN. Still remembered the day when i went down to compasspoint to meet him.

Thou the camera is no longer with me, we are still in contact. Just met him last friday to have a chat over the lens and cameras...and he was very kind to bring his canon lens for me to try it. As well as lending me the lens to do some testing...

That's him with nice bokeh from the lens at f1.8

I did a zone focusing on the train while going on at f2.8

And using it as a portrait lens

Sadly i didnt have the chance yet for a test on color negative. I am trying all the old lenses in search for one that can give a nice color feel..
Like the J8, this lens is an under rated lens that turns out to be a performer!

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