Sunday, July 3, 2011

J8 lens in testing

2 weeks ago..i got myself a Jupiter 8 lens from Ukraine and it costed like $40 including shipment to Singapore...
Its a Russian old lens designed back in 1930's where Russia was still called Soviet Unions.

It seems like these old lens tend to have some issues with them and i had myself mentally prepared before buying it..anyway..its just $40...

The moment that i received it, i had Phillip Tay to look through the lens for check if there are any focusing alignment issues...
To my surprise, he said "NO...absolutely perfect"! I really sigh a heave of relief on that spot..before i jumped into joy!

Anyway, given my suspicious behaviour, i wont be convinced till i see the results..
So some test shots i did...
Trix pushed 800 and developed in D76..the best combination ever!

The minimum focusing seems to be off..showing a scale of 0.8m where this lens was supposed to min focus at 1m...anyway..its still spot on!

The handsome me...haha...flare control was bad...

Serving as a portrait lens, definitely sharp enough :)
Untitled-Scanned-22 j8

Overall..i think i got myself a great bargain for a great lens!

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