Thursday, July 7, 2011

My love...Twin lens reflex

They called it TLR...and i am really in love with them so much that i sold off all my SLR and fixed lens rangefinder in exchange for them.

These cameras are built with a character of its own and the lens produced excellent images...even that "problematic" minolta autocord that i have, can throw out images as sharp as or even sharper than the RF lenses..

Its very amazing carrying these TLR on the streets, instead of pointing the camera at a person, you are looking down into the camera viewfinder and before the subject noticed, the picture is already taken...they are also known as "magnet", they attract attention and people are more willing to smile for you :)

These days, Its not easy to find one in a good working condition. I have given up the challenges to look for a nice working TLR where the value is not overpriced by the market demands.

I am glad that the copies i owned are still operating well.



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