Friday, July 15, 2011

Shoot with anything

Before i venture into Rangefinder, i was shooting with a lomo camera..a LCA. Its basically a point and shoot film camera that was created back in the USSR days. The communist took them as their entertainment and leisure.

Now, in local lomography community, this has been term as the grandfather of Lomography cameras.

I took it with me to alot of countries, which included China, Taiwan and even my last Mount Bromo trip.
The fun of shooting this camera is, you can just shoot and don really need to think need to bother much about the technical specs of the camera and start calculating the exposure required since this camera is pretty much automatic.

Here's some picture i took at Mount Bromo, film used was elitechrome and i got it crossed process..
Its one of the highest "favouurite" pictures that i have received from flickr. So how do you find it?

Mount bromo


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