Friday, October 18, 2013

Leica M4-P

We live in an age where unnecessary things become a part of life....don't you agree?

My first encounter with a M4-P was during my trip to Shangri-la where i met a fellow photographer who was using it. His copy was quite battered up yet functioning fine which portrays a strong character in the camera itself that makes you wonder the journey and stories behind it.
Don't we just wish to own a camera like that? My R2A was simply lacking this....

Well, the M4-P is always in my mind since then. Nothing about its functionality, nothing about its history, its just a feeling and perception that stay in my mind and i wanted to own a copy like that.

That was 2 years ago, and i couldnt convince myself to get a copy until lately which i fell into the evil bay trap and so here i have a user copy of the M4-P one day in my mail box...

Leica M4-P

And so, i have found a rangefinder that i will bring with me on journeys. Have you found yours?

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