Saturday, October 5, 2013

Canon 7 and Canon 7s

Among all the Canon rangefinder series, the Canon 7/7s/7sZ is the most advanced model. It has a total of 5 framelines in this camera, 35/50/85/100/135. The .9 viewfinder makes it very easy to focus as well.

I bought my first Canon 7 rangefinder thru ebay together with the Canon 50mm f2.2 ltm. It was sold as a package and i even brought this setup with me on my trip to Japan. 

And this morning, by chance, i owned the rarer model Canon 7s, thanks to Raytoei!

Canon 7 and 7s

Production of the 7s was only 16,000 copies and to find one with a working meter, no wrinkles on the shutter curtain and a functional copy isnt really that easy. Well if you compared to the amount of Nikon SP produced, it does makes it look more rarer! A good thing for me, its not as expensive as the SP.

Canon 7 and 7s

The 2 rangefinders with the 2 Canon 50mm f2.2 ltm..
Canon 7 & Canon 7s

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