Sunday, April 7, 2013

Instax Wide 210

After using the Land Polariod for awhile and after getting frustrated with the unreliability of FP getting stuck in the camera everytime (think the amount of Polariod i lost is more than what i have shot), i decided to sell it and replace it with the Instax. I still love Polariods but wanted to use it in a more convenient manner.

Thanks to my friend, Huisan who helped me to carry it back from HKG. 
Polariod Wide Instax 210

This is a copy of Evie's polariod style..:)
Polariod Wide Instax 210

I realised that all polariod seems to look nicer under bright sunny day with strong lighting...
Polariod Wide Instax 210

Its very addictive to trigger the shutter of the camera and definitely so much more fun to see the pictures instantly.

Fuji XE1, XF18mm f2

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