Friday, April 19, 2013

Canon 5cm f2 ltm Collapsible

My first encounter with Canon LTM lenses was thru Bing Ming, also the guy who sold me my first Canon 50mm f1.8 ltm. I had the budget and i wanted something better than a Jupiter 8.

And it was then Maiku who got me a faster f1.4..and slowly i began picking up more 50s...
I have never considered the serenar 50mm f1.9 ltm collapsible. It just didn't stir up my interest as much as i wanted to own a vintage collapsible, instead Summitar was on my list.

Well, im surprised that i actually owned my first Canon Collapsible lens today. The Canon Serenar 5cm f2 ltm collapsible...was indeed a very rare lens. I have forgotten where did i learned about this lens. It wasn't even listed on the Antique camera website or anywhere. From what i understand, only 1329 were made (Feb.1947-Aug.1949) according to R.HOOPER .

I believed Ari who sold me this lens was the same person i contacted many months back. I didnt buy it then, it was still considered a little too over priced.

But recently with the revision of the sale price, i thought its a good time to own it. At least my friend said that if its rare and affordable, why not add to the collection? So i gave up on a Summitar and got this.
The lens is in a really good shape. Nothing much to complain about as well.

On my Canon P



Here's a test shot from my Fuji X-E1. Shot wide the soft feel on the image
Canon 50mm f2

At f2.8, there isn't really much to complain about this lens. Its performing better than i have expected.
Canon 50mm f2 ltm

Well at least, for a lens like this, as well as the f2.2 ltm, we are talking more about its rarity compared to performance :)

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