Thursday, February 7, 2013


I initially wanted to keep this entry short with a few pictures, but i simply cant as i browse thru the stack of photos that i have gotten from this little town.

Located at the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island, its a 40 mins drive from central.
I'm glad i went to this place despite that it wasnt in our itinerary.

Even before we reached, the view from the bus that we board was already scenic enough to leave me with no regrets choosing this location.

Hong Kong isnt a place that you would think of visiting a beach, looking at sea was astonishing for me from the top of the hill.

I'm guessing that the properties here are as costly as those located at The Peak.



We took the stairs down to reach the beach...

A peaceful fishing session rewarded with great views and serenity is definitely a great getaway from the usual busy life.

I couldnt resist taking a picture here...credits to Dacteo for the camera and the picture!

Well, there's always a place for everyone to rest even if you arent rich! :)

Stepping into Stanley Market is a totally different scene...its felt like a small little "European" town.

Its a town with lots of activities...

My first portrait...i took a picture of this toddler in the famous 天后宫

A great place for wedding shoots as well..i spotted at least 2 couples having their wedding shoots here.

A place for friends to hang out...
A place for friends

A place definitely for a solo soul...
A place for a lonely soul

A great place for travellers
A place for travellers

And definitely a great place for couples
A place for couples

And if you are wondering what's the view for them? This is it... DSCF0302

Fuji X-E1, XF18mm f2, CV75mm f2.5

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