Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Streets of Hong Kong

The first trip to Hong Kong was during my first few years on job, i didnt had much savings and so, there was nothing that i planned to bring home...i wasnt even addicted to cameras and all i had was a borrowed ixus 80 (which was one of the best camera then!)
So this round, i brought with me more cash in hope that i will a good deal somewhere...after all..its a crazy place with lots of camera hobbyist.

In order to not carry that much cash on me, the first stop in Hong Kong has to be Champagne court where all the antiques were..

Hong Kong streets

Its a little like our penisular plaza, just that the price of the items were much higher..and with many similarities with the Japanese, they prefer minty items on display.

It was eye feasting here but definitely not a place to bargain. One look at the listed price, will put your idea of a bargain war aside...

Well since there isnt any hope to find a bargain, i decided to just start shooting with what i had along with me.

Oh, i brought along the following gear this trip, nothing much, nothing too fanciful. I was looking at bringing an affordable Fuji XF 18mm f2 back.

Gears for Hongkong

Hong Kong was a great place for street shoot and in many film album, you get to see tonnes of street shots and mostly processed gloomy to suit the place.
Something like the below...

& this...and probably you will find tonnes of such sight on the streets of Hong Kong...( these are the only 2 that i took!)

For me, i wish to try out something different this trip. I wanted a more colorful, expressive, different feel made for Hong Kong...its supposed to be a lively and happening city...
The streets full of activities.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong streets

Testing out the canon 50mm f1.2
Hong Kong streets

As the night get darker, the people started to flood the streets...the night turned loud and filled with activities...
Hong Kong streets

A Photographer who started a booth by shooting fp3000 polariods...and amazingly, this draws tonnes of crowds queuing for their turn to be photographed. He was using a mamiya press if im not wrong..
Halfway thru, he turned and say to me "Im also a Leica User!"
Hong Kong streets

Checking out the pictures...
Hong Kong streets

The Charming night of Hongkong with all the Lights..
Hong Kong streets

It was a place that was never too late for shopping.
Hong Kong streets

Fuji X-E1, CV 12mm f5.6, XF 18mm f2

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