Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Van's first roll of film

I believed that i have never posted an entry show casing other's picture and i would like to do so as my first entry in Year 2013.

Well, there was a day when Van asked me about film cameras and shooting in black and white, and so, i offered to lend her my OM1n which has been in my dry cabinet for the longest period of time. I even provided her a roll of Ilford HP5+ to get her started, only on the condition that i will develop the film for her. (I wanted to see the pictures as well) Its always exciting to see the pictures of another photographer..seeing different things thru their eyes.

It took 3-4 months before she finally clicked 28 shots. 
Some of the nicest abstract that i selected and share here...hope she dont mind...

Vanessa 1st roll

Vanessa 1st roll


For a beginner, the focusing and exposure was quite nicely done. Hopefully, this little gesture will build up her passion for analog photography.

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