Sunday, June 3, 2012

Painters and Artist at Lijiang (丽江)

A cultural little town at Lijiang (丽江), so small yet so much characteristic that speaks for the whole place.
I was lucky to have visited the place twice. Once in the morning and the evening...and witness the 2 different ambiance ...

It was a good choice to cover this place in colors, flowers everywhere
Ektar (9)

Ektar (10)

Ektar (2)

Ektar (3)

Ektar (4)

The pub for singles to meet.. Ektar (6)

A very nice place to sit in thoughts, while listening to live bands that filled the whole street with music Ektar (5)

Ektar (14)

An old man dressed up in an ancient costume to pose for Tourist for a small fee.. Whole Frame (15)

The enchanting old streets of Lijiang...even small areas like this caught my attentionEktar (11)

Tourist gathers around to enjoy the ambiance alaskanEktar (12)

Lighting the candles here and releasing them to the streams for wishes and blessings..the lady helping us with itEktar (28)

Ektar (27)

A diminishing trade of bricks carrying lady in Lijiang.. Whole Frame (36)

Whole Frame (34)

 Painters and Artist who were drawn to this place to draw... Pro 160S (2)

Pro 160S (5)

Pro 160S (4)

One last glimpse at this beautiful street in the morning before we left this place... Ektar (20)

Ektar (22)

Ektar (10)

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