Saturday, June 16, 2012

Morning shoot at Arab street

It was quite an impromptu session with the LF group.
It was kinda ironical that i have never been to Arab street before, despite frequently passing thru Haji Lane which was the street beside.

It has been awhile since i last brought my Mamiya C330 out..and as expected, i had a little hard time using it...and 2 of the precious portraits went out of focus here...but glad that the remaining turned out well.

@ 8am Reala 100 (12)

The famous mosque was the main attraction here... Reala 100 (7)

Reala 100 (8)

Reala 100 (10)

Enjoying her cup of tea
Reala 100 (5)

Ending off the session with some close up shots which the camera was good for.. Reala 100 (3)

Reala 100 (4)

Definitely revisiting this place again, probably with my Bronica.

 Mamiya C330, 80mm f2.8, 55mm f4.5, 135mm f4.5 Reala 100

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