Monday, April 2, 2012

He looked lonely

We came across this guy on our way to Lavendar, he was sitting alone by the side of the road topless. On him, i see scars left behind by the hardship of life..Phil approached him to take a picture and he agreed to our surprise..

Untitled-Scanned-27 canon 50mm f2.2

He then told us that he wasnt afraid to appear on any photos or even taken away by the police.
Untitled-Scanned-26 50 f2.2

That's the perception of street photography here in Singapore...
The old folks find it intimidating to have their pictures taken as they always fear that the pictures will be used against them for some reasons. The cause of the society and country that we are in?

Canon P, Canon 50mm f2.2, Kodak Colorplus 200

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