Friday, April 13, 2012

Chasing Light

I have always wanted to do a series on light fall...but given my working timing, i always missed the best light moment..
Coincidentally, i was sicked on Monday and on my way to the Clinic, i decided to catch as many light fall subjects as possible...

The lazy cat sun bathing (Im really terrified of cats, so luckily its having a good nap)
img 1 Canon 100mm

The girl on the bus...i was literally waiting at this spot for one to appear and i didnt wait too long...
Img 3 Canon 100mm

At the Poly Clinic, i spotted this lighted spot and it didnt took long before a guy came over to his paper.
Img 9 Canon 100mm

Lighting is always an important and inseparable factor with photography, with nice lighting, half the picture is complete.

Leica M2, Canon 100mm f3.5ltm,
Legacy Pro 400 @ 800, Ilfosol3, 11.5mins..silverfast scanning software

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