Sunday, November 13, 2011

Little India

For so many years, i have never tried to explore this area...but i am glad i did and thanks to Benji for organising this outing..its really a wonderful place for streets photography! The local indian community are a humble group of people who are very photo friendly and approachable..

this is also my first try using HC110 dilution H for developing my negative...the results are quite nice.
Untitled-Scanned-05 nikkor 5cm f2

This was taken thru a glass at a restaurant
Untitled-Scanned-04 nikkor 5cm f2

A little miscalculation that unlike a viewing thru a VF..and should have compensate a little by tilting the lens upwards...nonetheless i still find this picture acceptable.
Untitled-Scanned-12 nikkor 5cm f2

I love this picture...while walking thru this pathway...i saw this lady...and i knew i had to stop and take this picture!
Untitled-Scanned-13 nikkor 5cm f2

These paintings caught my eyes...
Untitled-Scanned-14 nikkor 5cm f2

While taking shelter from the rain...
Untitled-Scanned-16 nikkor 5cm f2

Untitled-Scanned-17 nikkor 5cm f2

A very friendly barber...i signal to him and he nod his head for us to step into his shop for this photo...

Untitled-Scanned-20 nikkor 5cm f2

Although the weather was bad and drizzling throughout..the warmth of the people here really did brighten up our day! As usual, this outing with the group is a fun and enjoyable session.

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