Saturday, November 19, 2011

Canon 7

Recently i spotted this camera on sale...and a 2nd look, i realised that it has one of the rare lens that canon produced. The canon 50mm f2.2, a 5 element in 4 groups lens, rigid designed by Mukai Jiro in January 1961. The is by far the only details i have on this lens.
With a nice package price for both the camera and lens, i didnt really hesitate much before buying it. It took 3 days to reach me from Japan from EMS and it was really in a minty condition both the lens and camera. The working meter was a bonus!



I guess im really in love with the canon 50's....i had 4 of them as at now and every single one has a different character of it's own!

I have already had a roll of film loaded in the camera! Wait for my next post on the pictures taken from this lovely set up!

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