Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hanoi...SAPA a little touch of the innocent days

My first visit to Vietnam..and together with SGtrekker, we explored SAPA town. This little village at LAO CAI - SAPA area leaves the deepest impression on me. The children especially is the most innocent lot that i have seen....


The 2 little cute sisters along de way..that i met up the hill. They were so innocent that when Melvin offers them a biscuit and a lens to choose from, they choose the biscuit. They didnt even requested for one...nor asked for more....

Bidding farewell..

How the kids spend their days...




Thou they were poor and uneducated, i felt that they lead a simpler life which seems tonnes happier than any of us...

We were always taught by our parents, as well as influenced by the society, that we need to study hard, we need good grades to find a good job, we wanted a well paid job, and only when we become more well to do will we lead a better life...and throughout the years, we pursue them non stop...we get stressed, materialistic, and unsatisfied...we became competitive, complaining kings and everything...and so are we eventually going to be happy?

I guessed that its time for us to understand at the word "Contentment"...

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