Friday, August 19, 2011

The beautiful views of SAPA Valley

We were blessed for this trip as the sky and weather was in our favor. There was no mist or fog blocking the view of the valley and the weather was bright and sunny.
Along the way to SAPA valley, we couldnt resist to stop a few times to admire the nice view from the mountain.



Along the road side, there were many kid peddlers selling handicraft items to tourist. I could only do a few snapshots from my wide angle lens, as the moment these kids spotted you taking their pictures, they will start pestering you.

"Buy from me please..." is what they said to everyone..

Something which i regretted not bringing was sweets and snacks that i could distributed to these kids.
Some kind tourist gave these siblings some stickers instead and kept them busy for awhile...and i noticed that despite these stickers were considered rare to them, there wasnt a single act of selfishness spotted throughout the session...




They share whatever given to them with one another...such virtues and behaviour were amazing!

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